Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ideas to keep kids entertained on a road trip

Every year, we make a trip to Nebraska to see our family and friends.  To keep the kids entertained for 11 hours, I have to pack certian items.  Here are a few of the items and activities that we do.
1. 50 states game - I list the 50 states on a piece of paper or on the back of a magazine.  Lillie, Brian and I watch for the names on license plates, trucks, or signs. In our last trip, we found and crossed through the following in the photo.
2. ABC game - Lillie looks for the letters on signs, trucks, etc.  She found and crossed through the ones in the photo.
3. Car video player or laptop to play DVDs on.
4. Nintendo DS - for Lillie to play with
5. Fisher Price iXL (or other toddler game unit) - Sophie plays with this.
6. Color Wonder Markers and coloring book - a new set is exciting at the start of the trip.  These markers only mark on the special color wonder paper.
7. Books
8. Special treat to eat - I give the girls a special sweet treat to eat after lunch.
9. "Look at the cows, Sophie!"  I keep my eyes open for landmarks, animals and machinery that the girls will be excited to look at.
10. Sing Songs
11. Counting down the miles - Lillie counts down the mile markers and exit signs to the state line.
12. Follow along on a map - Follow your trip and progress on a map.  You can use a road atlas or on a map that you make.
13.  This website has a great list of printables to use in the car.  http://preparednotscared.blogspot.com/2010/06/preparedness-project-travel-bag.html
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