Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paint chip wreath

My Mother-in-law works for a paint store and she likes crafty items.  So, I thought that this spring paint chip wreath would be great for her to hang up on her office door.  I saw this idea on Pinterest at:

First, I went to the paint store and picked out 10 paint chip samples.  I got 2 of each color.  Then I made a heart template out of cardstock.  You can also use a heart shaped object like a cookie cutter to trace around.

I traced 13 hearts.  You can fit 13 heart on 1 big card or

2 smaller cards.
I like to have 2 different colors on each petal.  I held the card up to the light to see the white lines through the heart shape, indicating that there were 2 colors on each petal.

Then I made the inner part of the flower and glued it together.

Then I arranged the next row of petals and
and glued them to the back of the first part of the flower.

Out of the scrap cardstock, I cut out a circle to form the center of the flower.
Here are two of the finished flowers.

After all of the gule is dried.  I layed out the flowers in a circle and glued the flowers together.
Then I added extra glue to the backside of the flowers to make sure that they were secure.
Next, I cut out strips of the paint chips,
And glued them to back of the wreath to provide extra reinforcement to the wreath, between the flowers.

After the glue is dry, hang it on your door.  And Enjoy!

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