Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ribbon Wreath - Michigan State

I have been wanting to make a ribbon wreath for a long time. I made this wreath for Lillie's Preschool Teacher.  She loves Michigan State.  We are Nebraska fans, but we cheer for Michigan State when they are playing against Ohio State or Wisconsin.
To make this wreath you will need:
  • 45 yards of 5/8-2" ribbon.  The thinner the ribbon, the more yardage you will need.  I used 3 prints, 2 colors.  I used 2 different widths for the green and white.  For a total of 7 different ribbons.  I also used white and green cord.  You can see this in the step 4 photo.
  • Hot glue gun
  • 300-500 straight pins
  • 10-14" wreath form
  • 3-4 hours - I think that I spent 4 hours on this project, but now that I did the first one, I know that the next one will take less time.
Step 1: wrap foam wreath in ribbon or tulle.  Secure with straight pins or glue.

Step 2: cut ribbon into 4 1/2" strips

Step 3: glue ribbon strips into a loop

Step 4: Pin ribbon loops to wreath. 

I only had 3 yards of the Michigan State ribbon, so I pinned it to the wreath first.  I made sure that it was spaced through out the wreath.

Step 4: continue to add ribbon loops to wreath.  This is a closer look of the wreath, to see the ribbon spacing.

Not done yet.  You want your wreath to be full.  You don't want to see where the ribbon is attached to the foam wreath or the foam wreath itself.

The ribbon loops are done.

Step 5: Time to add ribbon to the wreath, so you can hang it up.  Some crafters add the ribbon at the beginning, by tying it to the wreath.  I pinned and glued the ribbon to the wreath.

Test the ribbon length and tie a bow.  Trim the extra ribbon off.

Step 6: Add your accessories to the wreath.  Remove wreath from the door and lay it down on your work surface to apply the accessories.  I applied hot glue to the back of the letters and Spartan and then set them on the ribbon.

Finished wreath.  I can't wait to make a Nebraska, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day or Halloween wreath.  This wreath was on a 10" foam, but next time I would use a bigger foam wreath.

I watched and read the following links to assemble the wreath.  I changed a few things, but you may get some ideas from their blogs and videos.

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