Monday, April 23, 2012

Save the Planet and Save Money – Part 1 – Reducing your trash and your trash bill

When we moved into our house we set up all of our utilities.  Our monthly trash bill was $25.  Our trash service fee is based up the number of bags that they pick up each week.  If I put out fewer bags, I could reduce our monthly trash bill. So, I increased our recycling to reduce the number of trash bags.

It was slow at first.  We did the basic newspaper, pop bottles and cans, but I wanted to increase the recycling and save more money.  We now recycle 50% of our waste and reduced our trash service fee to $16 a month.  $108 in savings each year.

This is an actual picture of our bi-monthly recycling.  We now recycle 50% of our waste.

If you do not have curbside recycling service, you can find a recycling center near you at
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