Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barbie Doll Cake Tutorial - easy to make

Ok, I admit does not look as nice as the ones at the grocery store. Lillie wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday. I really didn't want to spend $30 on a simple looking cake, so I did some research. I found a recipe at: The recipe called for homemade icing, but I choose to use 2 containers of ready-made icing. Basically, you bake 1 cake mix at a time in the batter bowl. Cut a 2 inch section from one of the bottom of the cakes and place it under the other cake. Wrap the doll in plastic wrap. Insert the doll straight down in the cake and ice the cake. Lillie picked out a Barbie with a top painted on the doll and a tutu skirt. This made it really easy to decorate the cake. I didn't need to apply the icing all the way to the waist and bodice of the doll.

2 containers of ready made frosting - vanilla
2 boxes of 18.25 ounce cake mix
Ingredients to make cakes
11 inch Barbie
kabob stick to test cake.
cardboard or cake board
parchment paper

First. I cut a piece of cardboard, big enough to slide into the box that I was transporting the cake in.  Then I covered it in parchment paper.

Next, I greased and floured the pampered chef large batter bowl.  Preheat oven to 325°F.

Make cake recipe according to directions on box and pour into batter bowl.  Bake 1 hour, 10 minutes or until Cake Tester/kabob stick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool on cooling rack for 15 minutes.

Run knife around outside of cake and gently turn out onto cooling rack, large end down. Repeat with remaining cake mix to make a second cake. Cool 3 hours.
Tint some of the frosting with food coloring. To assemble cake, using Serrated Bread Knife, trim off rounded bottoms of cakes to make them level. Slice off 2 inches from bottom (large end) of one cake and frost it.  Place other ake portion on top of 2" portion. The layer of frosting in between help hold the cake together.  (Later I frosted this unused portion to serve as extra cake at the party.)

Wrap doll in plastic wrap and insert into cake.

I used a hair clip to keep dolls hair out of my way, while frosting the cake.

I also taped up with "fairy" skirt on the doll.  I got lucky, I didn't have to frost all of the way up to the doll's waist, because the skirt covered the hips.

I used a simple round point to make the vines and flowers.

Finally, I let down her hair, skirt and attached her wings.  Lillie was so excited with her "Barbie Fairy" cake.

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