Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Eggsperiment

In the two years that we have lived in Michigan, we have made a lot of great friends.  One of our friends co-manages the local farmer's market and sells produce and eggs. I asked if we could hatch some eggs for him and I was excited when he said "yes."
After we set up the incubator, it took 24 hours to fine tune the temperature on the incubator.  Then we were ready to put the eggs in the incubator.
First, we washed our hands to prevent spreading germs to the eggs.  The bacteria can pass through the shell of the egg.

 Lillie also wore gloves when she placed the gloves in the incubator.

 Sophie placed a few eggs in the incubator too.
We placed a total of 36 eggs in the incubator.

After we placed the cover back on the incubator, Lillie and I read: See how they grow, chick by Angela Royston.

And Face to Face with the Chicken by Christian Havard.  Both books we checked out from our local library.

Then we waited 17 days.  During those 17 days, we checked the temperature and water level. 
On day 18, we took them out of the egg turner and placed them in the incubator. 

We added more water and waited 5 days.  We read "How Living Things Grow: From Egg to Chicken" by Anita Ganeri.

On Day 22, we had the first egg hatch.

Then we had a total of 3 chicks.

We had a total of 8 chicks hatch.  This is a picture of 4 of them that were dry and keeping warm under the heat lamp.  I checked the eggs with a light and we had 12 others that were fertilized that never fully developed or hatched.  Next time, I would probably add a wet sponge to keep the humidity level higher.  The humidity helps the chicks hatch. 

The girls have enjoyed taking care and petting the chicks this past week.  They will be said to see them go on Friday. 

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