Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning Activities with Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building blocks are great ways to develop a toddler's skill at stacking, but you can do other learning activities with them too.
First, you can separate a few blocks into groups by color.  Give your toddler a block and ask him/her to put it in the matching pile by color.
To continue the grouping activity, ask them to find the matching letter of the block that you select.

You can also spell words with your toddler and ask them to find the letters as you build the word.

I have also laid out all of the blocks and asked my toddler to find the letter "A, B,C, etc."  I line up the letters in order as we make our way through the letters of the alphabet.
When they are starting to identify numbers, you can use these same activities but with numbers.

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