Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make Your Own Bubble Toy

Last month, we went to see the bubble man at a summer library event.  He made large bubbles, square bubbles and bubble foam. He told us how to make our own bubble toy to make bubble foam.  It is super easy and we had these items around our house.  If you have to buy the tulle material, it would cost you less than $1.
First, cut off the end of a plastic bottle.  We used a water bottle, but you can use about any clean plastic bottle.
Next cut 3-4 pieces of Tulle to fit over the larger end of the bottle.  The smaller the holes of the tulle, the better.  Layer the tulle over the larger end of the bottle and secure with strong tape.  
Fill a dish with bubble solution and dip bubble maker in solution.
Blow through top of bottle to make foamy bubbles.  Have Fun!

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