Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinterest finds this week

I saw this on another site and I can't wait to try it for Lillie's first lunch at school.  This blogger also has other creative lunch ideas to make for your kids.

This was an interesting article that I read about how gluten affected her child's behavior.  Her child was ADD and when they eliminated gluten and dairy, her behavior improved.

This site has recipes to make cookies out of cake mixes.

This looks like a great idea to hang photos and decorate the blank walls in our home.

Write secret messages to your children and have them use watercolors to reveal the message.
Secret Messages

I hope that I never have to try this, but it is good to know, just in case.  This mom, used toothpaste to get permanent marker off wood floors.

Sophie and Lillie love "I Spy" books.  We have checked out everyone of them from the library.  I think that we need to make our own.  Like this mom at I can teach my child.

Make your own card holder out of a Christmas sign and add ribbon to it.  Great idea from the anderson crew:

I am tired of buying something that I cam make at home for a lot less.  I am going to make this daily shower cleaner as soon as I post this.
Cheap Daily Shower Spray Cleaner. Photo by Dreamer in Ontario
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