Friday, October 12, 2012

Hand Print Artwork

I have been doing hand print and foot print artwork with Lillie since she was a baby.  It is a great way to capture the size of their hand print at the time of that the artwork was made and it creates a great gift for grandparents.
We made these turkeys two years ago.
 3 years ago a outlined Lillie's hand and had her color the page.
 Shortly after that we made Santa hand prints.
 Five years ago, I made a ghost out of her foot print and a pumpkin out of her fist.
 This is one of my favorites...a Butterfly out of Lillie's foot prints.
 Also 5 years ago, I made flowers out of her foot prints, a sun from her fist and raindrops from her thumb print.
 This year, we made spiders that we saw all over pinterest.
As we do more artwork, I will post them to this posting.
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