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Over 110 Elf on the Shelf ideas

Last year, we started the elf tradition with our kids and they loved seeing what mischief Jack got into or what he brought them. First, Jack arrived with a note from Santa. We named our elf Jack and read the "Elf on the Shelf" book.

Every night, Jack went to the north pole to report back to Santa.  Sometimes he would find a Christmas book or movie in our storage area to bring out each morning, but sometimes he just got into mischief.   He wanted to help us put the lights on the tree.

He turned the milk green.
He hung out on the Santa nightlight.

 Jack hung out with our favorite Santa decoration.
 The morning that we started our holiday baking, he made a snow angel in the flour.
Jack had a tea party with the stuffed animals.
Jack wanted to be a part of our family picture.
Jack on the zipline in our living room.
Jack played the trumpet on the Christmas tree.
He took a nap in the tissue box.
He got out the marshmallow shooter.
He went for a ride on the ceiling fan.
He snuck a movie into Lillie's stocking.
He went fishing goldfish crackers in the toilet.  Lillie thought that this was gross.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Jack wrote a note and brought out a book "The night before Christmas."

November 23rd, 2012: Jack showed up this morning and he wrote on a wall with paint.

Since his arrival this year, he has been seen poolside with Barbie.

Checked the size of the stockings for Santa.
Jack drove the school bus.
Jack hung from the candy canes.

 He got into the candy dish and left some candy.
 He found the Rudolph movie and brought us a new Elf ornament.
He watched us from the banister.
Jack brought us a new advent calendar.
 Jack liked hanging out on the ornaments.

Jack in our ficus tree.
 Today, Jack was playing dreidel with Barbie, Snow White and Aurora.
Jack displaying his team spirit.
Jack was a part of the nativity.
 He was on top of the blinds.
 He read a book on the potty chair.
Jack shot marshmallows out of the cannon.
Jack brought hot cocoa.
Jack and Barbie camping and roasting marshmallows.  Do you think that Barbie knows that this isn't a long term relationship?
Jack was hanging upside down.
Woody and Buzz Lightyear captured Jack in the dryer.
Jack wanted to make it snowy inside with coconut.
Jack took a ride on the tractor.

Jack climbed the cabinets in the kitchen.
Jack wrote: "I miss the North Pole. Look for me someplace cold. - Jack." on Lillie's bathroom mirror.
 She found him the freezer with ice cream treats.
Elf thought that the village reminded him of the north pole. 

Here are a few other Elf on the shelf ideas that I read or saw.  I hope that Jack reads this post and tries some of them out.
  1. Sitting on the couch with remote and bowl of popcorn.  There may be note about an upcoming holiday show to watch.  Or Elf may have found a DVD to watch.
  2. Playing a board game with other dolls, stuffed animals or toys
  3. Reading a Christmas book.  Suggestion to read book to child that day.
  4. Hanging from coat rack or door knob with a scarf.
  5. In refrigerator with a milk mustache.
  6. Cooking with the kitchen set.
  7. Sunbathing on Polly Pocket boat.
  8. Sitting in the freezer next to snow from outside.
  9. Making doughnuts out of cheerios, icing and sprinkles.
  10. Coloring in coloring book.
  11. Playing drums, piano or guitar.
  12. Putting a puzzle together.
  13. Dressing up in Barbie clothes
  14. Play video games
  15. Drinking out of a juice box
  16. Riding on toy scooter
  17. Hanging from Rapunzel's hair
  18. Riding on toy train
  19. Having a slumber party in doll house
  20. Looking at a photo album from last Christmas
  21. Reading a book
  22. Hot air balloon ride. See:
  23. Surfing the internet on computer or iPad
  24. Tangled up in crepe paper across doorway of child's bedroom
  25. Playing with legos
  26. Flying with Buzz Lightyear wings on.
  27. Snowball fight with other toys, using mini marshmallows for snowballs.
  28. On Little People ferris wheel
  29. On Little People pirate ship
  30. Empty out a drawer
  31. Knit or crochet a new scarf for child
  32. Hide in snowboots
  33. Play with play dough
  34. Make a self portrait
  35. Play with blocks
  36. Riding a reindeer
  37. Wrapped up in a towel after a shower
  38. TP the Christmas Tree
  39. TP the child's room while they sleep
  40. Hang on child's bedpost
  41. Climb a rock wall.  Check out below.
  42. Looking at toy catalog
  43. Swing on swingset
  44. Dressed up as a super hero with a cape and mask, hanging from string.
  45. Get stuck in the bagless vacuum 
  46. Dressed in Ken's clothes and on a date with Barbie
  47. Sorting and folding laundry
  48. Looking through the glass door on the washer or dryer
  49. Riding in a paper airplane
  50. Sitting with TV remote
  51. Running on treadmill
  52. Riding train
  53. In car watching new video.
  54. Hanging underwear on stocking hooks
  55. Hanging out with Pete the Cat or wearing his shirt and reading groovy button book
  56. Hiding in kitchen set
  57. Singing Karaoke
  58. Hanging upside down on a trapeze made of string and a candy cane
  59. Bring outdoor decorations inside
  60. Gives the kids red noses like Rudolph
  61. Use scrabble letters to leave a message
  62. Elf tire swing
  63. Add pictures to child's homework
  64. Practice math flash cards
  65. Put post it notes all over the walls
  66. Elf writes own Christmas wish list
  67. Swing on the swing set outside
  68. Playing bowling with stuffed animals
  69. Wearing a mask as "Super Elf"
  70. Taking a nap in Barbie's house
  71. Relaxing in Barbie's Jacuzzi 
  72. Parachuting in Living Room
  73. Army men captured Elf 
  74. A sack race using paper sacks and other stuffed animals from Photo: Smarty and his friends are practicing the sack race tonight for the North Pole Olympics.  Go Smarty Go!
  75. Caught in the bagless vacuum 
  76. Rowing a boat in the sink
  77. Going for a ride in the car
  78. Hiding in the silverware drawer tray
  79. Checking out the chimney to make sure Santa can get down it.
  80. Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace
  81. TP their room
  82. Elf with a beard made of cotton balls
  83. Elf hangs gift wrap over their doors
  84. Playing video games
To see what Jack is doing in 2013, click here.  
Jack's adventures in 2014: click here.
Also, check out this post  on how to make your elf posable with just velcro and paperclips.

Here is another site to check out. they have printable jokes that your Elf can deliver.

This is a great website to post picture of trouble that your elf gets into:  you can even get help picking a name for your elf.

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