Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rustic Barnyard Frames

My Sister-in-law pinned this to her pinterest board from Craft Warehouse Blog. I thought that it would be a great idea to make it for her Christmas present. Now that is almost the 26th and she has opened her present I can post it.

This is the final product. There are pictures on the reverse side of the white squares. I just didn't want to post pictures of my nephew.

3 frames
metal sheets cut to fit the inside of the frame
brown paint
cream paint
black spray paint
wooden letter
magnetic tape
glue gun
metal clip magnets

Cut the metal to fit the inside of the frame.
Paint the metal brown. If you don't you will be able to see the shiny surface of the metal through the burlap
In the picture below, you can see the metal through the burlap and the how much better it looks with the painted metal surface behind the burlap.
 Cut burlap 1/2" - 1" larger than the metal. Wrap and glue the burlap to the metal sheet.

Glue metal sheet into frame.

Spray metal clip magnets with black spray paint. Paint the wooden letter cream and attach magnetic tape to the back of the letter.

The magnetic tape was not strong enough, so next time I would use larger magnets. I used a stick pin to hold the letter onto the burlap.

Use the clip magnets to hold the pictures in the middle of the frames.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Fireplace Mantel

This last week, we updated our fireplace mantel.
Our mantel use to look like this:

(Sorry, for the ladders in front of the fireplace, but I never took a good picture since I wasn't excited about the fireplace. This picture was actually taken when I was painting the trim in the living room.)

I used this photo for inspiration. I liked how the blogger incorporated wooden letters into the seasonal decorating of the fireplace.
Easter decor
Final fireplace mantel painted. Now time to decorate it.
A closer look at all of the trim that we used.
Jack our elf looked great on our fireplace mantel too.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elf on the Shelf - Jack's adventures 2013

Jack showed up yesterday morning (Black Friday). We found him inspecting the chimney for Santa.
 The next day he was riding on the turkey.  I guess that it is time to put those thanksgiving decorations away.

Barbie and Jack in the hot tub.
Jack helped with the garland on the stairs.
 I had another elf that wanted to be in the picture too.
 Jack sat in an old spoon on the wall.
Jack wore the new tree skirt for the s'mores tree. 

Jack brought each of the girls a sparkly new tree.

Jack wanted to go for a ride in the car and watch a Christmas movie. White Christmas is planned for our Friday night movie.
Jack added candy to the candy dish and soaked up some of the sugar.
 Jack sat on the new mantel with a Christmas book.

Jack and Barbie went to a drive in movie.

 Jack watched up on the artwork.
 He played xbox.
He went for a ride in the sleigh that was just his size.
Jack dressed up as a shepherd in the nativity.

Jack took a ride in the elevator.

Pete the Cat let Jack try on this groovy button shirt and they read the "Pete the Cat and his 4 groovy button" book together.
Jack got hung up in crepe paper when he was putting crepe paper across their doors.

Jack on a sled that I was going to paint for a winter craft.
My little elf was sick, so Jack wanted to help her feel better.
Jack drew on their school photos.

Jack climbed the tree to get a better look at the angel.
Jack climbed into a chip bag.
Jack worked on a new puzzle.
He was caught Tee Peeing the tree.
Jack said goodbye to us today.

You can see what Jack did the last two years at: Jack's adventures from 2011 and 2012

Here is a list of the Linky parties that I link up to.  Thank you to all of the hosts for letting me post my favorite recipes, crafts, money saving ideas and activities for children.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We got Booed, a.k.a. ghosted

Last weekend, We got Booed. This is the first time that someone has booed us or ghosted us.
Saturday night, our doorbell rang and this bag of goodies was left on our front porch. It had candy, trinkets, stickers and crafts. The girls loved it.
It also had this note with instructions:
So, the next day we went to the store to purchase our treat bags. My oldest trick-or-treater left them on the doorsteps of our friends. In this photo, she is running away from their front door.

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