Monday, April 22, 2013

Walking Water - science experiment

This was a super easy experiment to do.
Materials needed:
food coloring
clear glasses
paper towels

We filled one glass with water tinted with food coloring. You don't need to tint the water, but it makes it easier to see the water move.
We took a 1" strip of paper towel and dropped one end into the cup filled with water and the other end into the empty cup. Then we watched the water move up the paper towel.
The paper towel absorbed the water and transferred it into the other cup.
A little at a time. My Husband said that it wouldn't equalize between the two glasses, but I thought that it would.
 We continued to observe the water transferring to the empty glass.

 24 hours later, The water did equalize between the two cups.

We also tried 3 glasses, 1 empty glass, 1 glass with blue water, and 1 glass with yellow water. The water also went up the paper towel and into the empty glass.

 When the two colors made it into the glass they turned the water green.

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