Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Bull and Milk experiment

I found this really easy experiment from E is for Explore! You only need a glass, milk, and a can of red bull.
First, we poured approximately 8 oz of milk into the 16oz glass. We used organic 2% milk.
Next, the young scientist poured the Red Bull into the glass of milk.

After, she poured the Red Bull in, we could actually see the milk and Red Bull move and separate in the glass. You can see it swirl a little in the following two photos.
 We continued to watch the milk and Red Bull react and separate.
Until, there was a distinct difference in the glass.  The two liquids created a solid. The E is for Explore website said that this happened because "the acid in the Red Bull caused the protein (casein) in the milk to separate."
We also noticed that the solid grew. We snapped this photo right after we poured in the Red Bull.
And this is a photo 5 minutes later. Notice how the solid grew a 1/4". When we touched it, it also had a spongy consistency.

We used organic 2% milk. Take a look at the E is for Explore! website to see the video with 5 different milks from E is for Explore!  I think that we had a larger percentage of solid than the milks in the video. The teacher recommended whole milk.
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