Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ant Science Experiment

I saw a picture of ants eating dyed sugar water on the internet and I thought of turning it into a science experiment.
First, we took 3 milk bottle lids and filled the pink one with water, the orange with sugar water and the blue one with vinegar. In between the orange and blue lid, I put honey on the ground.  We placed these in a row about 6" from an ant hill. We spilled some of the water, sugar water and vinegar on the ground to draw the ants to the lids.
Within a few minutes ants started to drink/eat at the edge of the sugar water.
We came back an hour later and this is what we found. There were no ants at the lids with the water (pink lid) and vinegar (blue lid). The ants were eating/drinking at the sugar water (orange lid) and honey (spot between orange and blue lid).
Overall, the ants preferred the sugar water more than the honey.
This was an easy science experiment and I recommend it for your little scientist.
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