Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sofia the First Birthday Cake

Ok, I will be honest. I will never be hired as a cake decorator for a bakery. I also refuse to pay someone a lot of money for a toddler's birthday cake.  Didn't our moms make our cake and we thought that they were great. Kids are more concerned with getting the piece of cake, than how it looks. I have typically made my children's birthday cakes. If I can make it for less than $5, then why pay a bakery to make it for $20. Last winter I begin my quest for my littlest toddler's birthday cake design and I found these.

Sofia the first from unknown? and  from
Well, I knew that the cake I made wouldn't look like that, but I was going to make my own version.
First, I mixed up the cake mix and baked it in 2 round cake pans. Then I started to frost and layer the cakes. I inserted toothpicks, where I wanted the tucks of the dress to be. I first frosted the bottom layer in white with store bought icing.  
Then I added the lavender icing. I saw an idea on pinterest to use wet paper towel to smooth the frosting to make it look like fondant. It didn't work. So, I used a wet icing spreader.
 This is what it looked like next.
 Then I added the details with the white icing. I added dots and
 flowers on the sides. I first outlined the flower and then filled them in. You can use powered sugar on your finger tips to smooth and flatten the white details.
 I bought a Sofia the First figurine set from the disney store and used the Sofia as a cake decoration. I added candles for my princess and it was complete.
I hope that you will try to make a cake for the next birthday at your house.
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