Saturday, January 4, 2014

DIY Bed Canopy with Rhinestones

My oldest Princess has been asking for a bed canopy for the past two years, so I thought that I would surprise her with one. I mean really surprise her. I put it up while she was sleeping. When she woke up she said "I thought that I was dreaming."

First, I found some great tutorials from Craftaholics Anonymous, Wild Whitney's, and lilybug designs.
They all used quilt hoops and tulle, but I really like that lilybug used a feather boa to cover the quilt hoop.
I went to the fabric store to buy the following supplies. I spent $60 for 2 canopies, because I figured once the little princess saw the canopy over her sister's bed, she would want one too. I could have bought ones for $30-45 each, but I wanted to add sequins or rhinestones to theirs.
Materials needed for 2 canopies:
2 quilters hoops
2 feather boas
adhesive jewels/rhinestones (because you can never have enough sparkles as a princess.)

You can also buy tulle with metallic details, but it would have at least doubled the cost of the canopies.

First, you need to estimate the amount of tulle that you. I measured the distance from where the hoop would hang from the ceiling to the floor, going over the headboard and foot board of the bed.

My Mother-in-law was visiting and she helped me assemble both of the canopies in about 2.5 hours. Next, I cut the tulle in half to have one section for each side of the hoop. Then I folded the tulle over the inside hoop and hand stitched the tulle to form a pocket around the hoop.

I then added the outside hoop and hot glued the feather boa to it. This helped cover the bracket of the hoop too. Don't glue over the bracket until you are done with the ribbon to hang the canopy. (see next step)
Then, we hot glued ribbon between the hoops and tied them in the middle. Your knot will not be in the center of the hoop. The bracket will cause your hoop to be heavier on one end and you will need to make adjustments to the ribbon.
After you have attached and tied the ribbon, tighten the hoop and hot glue the remaining end of the feather boa around the bracket.
At this point we hung them up over the princesses' beds by inserting a plant hook into the ceiling. The next day we we started adhering the 750+ sequins to each of the canopies. I purchased the sequins with adhesive from Jo Ann's scrap booking area.
We used both clear and
pink rhinestones. 

It is hard to see the rhinestones in the picture when the canopies are hanging over their beds, but here is a better look at the amount of rhinestones that we added.

Another look at the princess bed canopies.

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