Sunday, January 4, 2015

Make your own foaming hand soap with Essential Oils

Fill a foaming hand soap dispenser about 3/4 full of distilled water. (1 cup of distilled water.)
Add 3 Tbs of Castile Soap. I used Dr. Brommer's that I found at Meijer's grocery store.
Add 15 drops of Essential Oil, I used Young Living's Lavender oil. Click here for information on how to order Young Living essential oils.

Optional: Add 3 drops of Vitamin E oil. I had this leftover from another project. Other recipes I found called for olive, almond or coconut oil.

Put lid on top of soap dispenser and shake.

I added up all of my costs and I figured that it cost almost the same as it would be for me to purchase the refill. It might be a quarter more, but the soap that I made contains more natural soap, which is easier for the environment. Plus, I can choose my own scent with my favorite Essential Oil.

I encourage you to research which Essential oil to use in your foaming hand soap. Do not use citrus Essential oils in plastic dispensers.If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, Please contact me on how they can make a difference in your life.

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