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Back to School with Young Living Essential Oils

The kids are going back to school and you need more than notebooks and pencils on their supply list. In this blog posting you learn about Young Living essential oils and products we recommend to help keep your kids healthy, alert, focused, well rested, and keep you sane as a parent! 

The information contained in this class is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information represents what we, Independent Distributors of Young Living Essential Oils, have chosen to do to take charge of our own personal health and that of our family. Any statement(s) said/implied/posted have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. Products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition consult your physician before using these products.

What is an essential oil?  It is a volatile odoriferous oil that give plants their characteristic odors and often other properties, that are obtained from varies parts of the plants (flowers, leaves, bark) by steam distillation or expression. 

Never place Essential Oils in your eyes, ears or sensitive areas.
Citrus oils are sensitive to the sun. Wait 24-48 hours for sun exposure.
Be sure to research essential oils, to ensure that are safe for babies, toddlers, if you are nursing or pregnant. I would also recommend that you dilute Essential Oils with a Carrier oil for Children. A carrier oil is coconut, almond, olive or V-6 vegetable oil.

Usage: You can use them directly on the skin, inhalation or internally. The most common uses of essentials oils are topical and aromatic. You can also use them for household use. You can use them for cleaning, and beauty products. I have made wool dryer balls and eliminated the need for fabric softener and reduced our drying time. I recently made foaming hand soap with lavender essential oil. You can also make great gifts and pamper yourself and friends with body butters, sugar scrubs and lip balms.

The reason I chose Young Living as our provider of essential oils is because of their “Seed to Seal” process. Young Living owns their own farms, they test all their products internally and by an external 3rd party. They use essential oils for pesticides and their weed control is done by hand. The “Seed to Seal” process ensures the highest quality of essential oils.
Here is a video on the seed to seal process:

Did you know?!?!
So, I am always learning new things about these amazing oils. Did you know that essential oils don't cure or help with diagnoses? They do something more amazing. They promote health and wellness by supporting healthy body systems!!! So when we are having muscle pain for example, we want to choose an oil that supports that system. Here are the different body systems that essential oils can support.

Our kids bring home a lot of germs. As parents, we can protect our family with Thieves essential oil, the Thieves product line and RC. Thieves is great for supporting a healthy immune function*. Thieves is such a popular oil blend that 90% of the orders placed with Young Living has a Thieves product in them.
Parents, Thieves tea is a great way to support your own immune system*. The recipe for Thieves tea is one mug of warm water, a splash of apple cider vinegar, 1 -2 drops of thieves essential oil, 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil and honey to taste (approximately 1-2 tablespoons). Fall is also the perfect time for apple cider and you can add a drop of thieves to create a warm yummy drink.

Thieves cleaner is a concentrated multi-purpose plant based cleaner to use in our home around children, rather than the cleaners that are at the grocery store. I really like to use the Thieves cleaner in the bathrooms to eliminate the chemicals from cleaning products. You can use is it to clean sinks, bathtubs, countertops, garbage cans, windows, mirrors, walls, floors and I recently used it on the all weather floors mats in my car. You only need a capful or two diluted with water. The dilution ratios and uses are listed in the following document.
We would also like to share with you our recipe for Thieves wipes. No need to use those wipes in the cylindrical container, but save the container for when you make the Thieves wipes:
10 drops of Thieves
1 capful of Thieves cleaner
6 drops of Citrus Fresh
6 drops of Purification
2 cups of water
Cut paper towel roll in half...pour 1/2 mixture over towels and let sit to soak, turn towels over and pour the rest

Thieves waterless hand purifier is also part of the Thieves product line and easy to put in your child’s back pack. It is also one of the items that we are giving away tonight.

You can also make your own waterless hand purifier: fill a small travel size container
¾ full of aloe
¼ tsp of Vitamin E
6 drops of Thieves or your choice essential oil
and fill the rest with witch hazel.
Shake and use a small amount on hands.
To make Thieves foaming handsoap, fill a foaming hand soap dispenser with the following:
1 Cup of distilled water.
Add 3 Tbs of Castile soap, for example Dr. Brommers
10 drops of Thieves essential oil
3 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)
Screw the pump on and shake to mix.
RC is one of my favorite oils. I added this oil to my very first order, because it supports a healthy respiratory system. R.C. is especially beneficial when combined with Thieves®. Rub RC on feet or chest before exercising to uplift and inspire. You can also rub on feet before bedtime. 

We all know how important a good night of sleep is. To help your child relax the night before the first day of school we recommend the following oils: Peace and Calming 2, Cedarwood, and Lavender. I diffuse these oils in my oldest daughter’s room to help her relax before bedtime and for a restful night of sleep. I made a bedtime cream with the following recipe. She rubs a small amount on her feet at bedtime and it has lasted for several months.
½ cup of coconut oil (solid at room temp) – whip for 5 minutes and it will become fluffy
Add the following essential oils and apply a small amount to a foot at bedtime for relaxation.
10 drops of Lavender
10 drops of Peace and Calming
10 drops of Cedarwood
To create a relaxing scent, I also made a lavender linen spray that I use on our bedding: place 1 cup of distilled water and 10 drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle, shake and spray. I use to pay $10 for a bottle of linen spray at the mall, now this one is less than $3.50 to make. Lavender is a popular essential oil, because of its calming and soothing fragrance. Lavender’s aroma is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime; add to a bath or diffuse to create a calming and comforting atmosphere. I also put it on wool dryer balls and in my homemade foaming hand soap. Use foaming soap recipe from post 7 and substitute lavender for thieves.

Vetiver has a heavy, earthy fragrance similar to patchouli with a touch of lemon. Vetiver oil is psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. One of the oils that is highest in sesquiterpenes, vetiver was studied by Dr. Terry Friedmann for improving children's behavior. Vetiver may help when coping with stress and to recover from emotional trauma and shock. Source: We have a teacher in our school district that uses Vetiver essential oil in her classroom.
This focus roller blend recipe is perfect for those that need a little help focusing:
7 drops of vetiver
7 drops of lavender
7 drops of Cedarwood.
Fill the remaining of the roller bottle with a carrier oil.

Peppermint is great for alertness and supports normal digestion*. I recently used it to increase my alertness and decrease my caffeine use. Peppermint is very strong, but some of my friends have added a drop of peppermint and teaspoon of coconut oil to their morning coffee. My girls love to use this when they get the hiccups; they grab a diluted bottle of peppermint oil and just breathe it in for 60 seconds or less.

Joy is “happiness” in a bottle. Joy™ is a delightful blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils that harmonize for a sweet, joyful aroma. I already have plans of diffusing this on the 1st day of school at breakfast, so that my girls wake up as Snow White and not Grumpy. Some moms diffuse Joy in their children’s rooms 15 minutes before they wake them up.

Do your girls wake up with their hair looking like Anna’s? To make the morning routine smooth, we use this hair detangling spray:
Fill ½ of an 8oz bottle with conditioner
Fill the remainder with distilled water.
Add 10 drops of Tea Tree
10 drops of Lavender. Screw the pump on and shake to mix.
Tea Tree is used in many cosmetic products for its cleansing properties.

Kids’ gym shoes can be stinky and we like to make a smelly shoe spray with distilled water, witch hazel and purification.
Smelly Shoe Spray:
8 drops of purification to a 1oz glass or metal spray bottle
Fill ½ of the bottle with Witch Hazel and the remainder with distilled water.
Shake bottle before each use and spray inside shoes or gym bags.
Add a drop or two to the washer to refresh stinky laundry. This winter my daughter woke up sick in the middle of the night. I had to put her bedding in the washer and I added a drop to the washer to help take the stink out of her bedding.
Purification is a blend of 6 oils including Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Myrtle. This oil can be diffused to neutralize odors like mildew, burned food, and stinky garbage. You can even put a drop on cotton balls and throw it in stinky shoes or gym bags and it eliminates the smell. You can also put a drop on cotton balls and place on vents in the house, car or closet to freshen the air. And you can also apply this topically to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free.

The start of a new school year also brings stress to parents with lunches to pack, routines to establish and kids to get to school and after school activities. I use Stress Away several times a week. Place a couple of drops inside a vegetable capsule as a dietary supplement. It is also available as a convenient roll-on. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I use the Stress Away roll-on on my wrists and inhale. Stress Away is a blend that promotes peace and calms the mind and body.

Young Living Essential Oils and products make great teacher’s gifts. You can thank your child’s teacher by giving them a roller bottle of Stress Away, or make a jar of bath salts with 1 cup of Epson salts and 2 drops of lavender essential oil in a small jelly jar.

The KidScents are already pre-diluted, but you can add your own carrier oil, if you are applying the oil topically. KidScents are specifically created for young children You can purchase all 5 in the KidScents pack or individually. Young Living named each of the oil blends to match what you would use them for:
Owie - Apply topically to improve the appearance of your child’s skin.
SleepyIze: Diffuse at bedtime for a peaceful aromatic environment. This is probably one of the most popular blends in the kidScents line, because it is currently out of stock. When it is in stock, it would be a great one to add onto your order.
SniffleEase: Rejuvenating and refreshing blend formulated just for kids.
GeneYus: An excellent blend to diffuse for young minds while focusing and concentrating on projects.
TummyGize: Apply this relaxing, quieting blend to little tummies.

Diffusing oils in your kid’s room has become a lot more fun with these new kid’s diffusers:
These 2 great diffusers were just released at our convention early this month. I ordered one of the Dolphin Reef diffusers for each of my girls’ rooms.

The Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser features a playful mother dolphin and her calf swimming through color-illuminated vapor released by pink sea sponges. The colorful coral, starfish, sea anemones, and a pearl-bearing giant clam will captivate your children’s imaginations and transport them into an undersea wonderland, all while enjoying the benefits of diffusing Young Living’s 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.
Young Living’s Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser features color-illuminated vapor “erupting” from a prehistoric volcano, surrounded by menacing T. rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl figures. Captivate your children’s imaginations and transport them into a Jurassic wonderland, all while enjoying the benefits of diffusing Young Living’s 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.
Both the Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser and Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser acts as an atomizer, aroma diffuser, and night-light all in one fun-filled, simple-to-use product and includes:
• A proprietary, interchangeable diffuser cover system
• Innovative diffuser motor compatible with additional diffuser covers (other covers sold separately)
• Continuous or intermittent (10 minutes on/10 minutes off) ultrasonic diffusion with automatic shutoff
• Four white under-panel soft LED lights with on/off settings
• Six vapor LED light settings (blue, white, red, green, alternating, and off)

Here is a video demonstrating how to use the new dolphin diffuser at our convention a few weeks ago.

I covered 5 of the oils that are in the Premium Starter Kit: Lavender, Peppermint, RC, Stress Away and Thieves. If you are interested in a diffuser and a couple of the oils, the Premium Starter kit is a great deal with 11 oils, diffuser and two NingXia Red 2oz Samples. The retail value on all this is over $260, but when you sign up with this kit you get everything for $150 (on sale until August 31st), plus a lifetime wholesale membership of 24% off all your purchases. This is a no strings attached membership - there are no yearly or monthly membership fees, no buying minimums, and no commitments. 
Also, If you order the Premium Starter Kit, we will send you a reference book with over 400 pages of information. ($25 value) We will also send you a 7 page recipe book filled with our favorite beauty and household use recipes.
You can order oils or your Premium Starter Kit with:
Beth at: member #2239369
I promise it is a decision you will wish you had made a long time ago!

If you enjoyed learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, we invite you to like our Beth’s facebook page:   to hear more about how we use essential oils in our lives.

Here is a list of the Linky parties that I link up to.  Thank you to all of the hosts for letting me post my favorite recipes, crafts, money saving ideas and activities for children. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Foaming Facial Wash Made With Essential Oils

I made foaming facial wash today. I put the following items in a foaming soap container. 
1/3 cup of castile soap (I used Dr. Brommer's)
10 drops of Lavender essential oils (I used Young Living)
20 drops of Elemi - You can also use Frankincense (I used Young Living)
4-5 drops of Vitamin E oil
1/4 teaspoon of honey
2/3 cup of distilled or filtered water
After screwing the pump on, shake the container to mix the ingredients. Lavender, Elemi and Frankincense are great for supporting your skin.

You can read more about how Young Living essential oils have changed my family's life and how you can order any of the oils by clicking on this link. I would recommend the Wholesale membership, because you can get 24% off the retail price and you have no obligation to sell the product.

You can also order essential oils through this link:
I promise it is a decision you will wish you had made a long time ago! 

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Award Winning Steak Marinade - (Well, it tastes like it is award winning.)

We love to marinate our flank steaks in this easy to make marinade. After grilling the steaks have an award winning taste and tenderness.

First, we start with flank steak and we slice 1/2 way through the steak. Not all the way through. We make these cuts about every 1/2-3/4 of an inch across the steak.
Next, we add the following ingredients to a container with a lid to marinade the steaks in.
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 cup of A-1 sauce
1/4 teaspoon of garlic salt or powder
1 Tablespoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon of wet mustard (the kind you use for sandwiches.)
1/2 teaspoon of meat tenderizer
Stir the ingredients and place steak in container. Ensure that the marinade is on both sides of the steak. Marinade for 12-24 hours. The longer the better.

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