Kids Stuff

Cooking with Kids:
Homemade Ice Cream in a Zilock Baggie
Oreo Fluff

101 Screen Free Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer
Barbie Cake
Birthday Handprints
1st day of Kindergarten
1st day of 1st grade
Crayon Heart Valentines
Custom Ceiling Fan Blades
Cutting Activity for Kids - Coupons
Elf on the Shelf - Jack's Adventures 2013
Elf on the Shelf - Jack's Adventures 2014
Over 110 Elf on the shelf ideas
Felt Snowman for Toddlers
Flip Tails Hair Do
Growth Chart
Hand print and Foot print artwork
Ideas to encourage your child to practice the piano
Keeping barrettes in girl's hair
Juice box with handles
Ideas to keep kids entertained on a road trip
I accidentally taught my daughter to read
I Spy Bags - Kids Craft
Learning letters with beans
Make your own bath toy basket
Make your own bubble toy - foam bubbles
Mirror Mirror - Write words on bathroom mirror
Rainbow Rice
Revive dried out markers
Rice box
Sofia the First Birthday Cake
Super Hero Cape
Tear Free Band-Aid Removal
We got booed, a.k.a. ghosted

Preschool Science
Air in a jar
Ant Science Experiment
Bouncing Egg Experiment
Crystal Trees
Dancing Raisins Experiment
Eggsperiment - hatching eggs
Fizzy Exploding Bags
Peeps Experiment
Penny Experiment
Rain Experiment
Red Bull and Milk Experiment
Walking Water Experiment
What Temperature does gas escape faster? cold, room or warm?
Volcano science experiment
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